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Deion Sanders Health provided further information regarding his rehabilitation following the amputating operation for two toes on his left foot due to the development of blood clots.

The head coach at Jackson State and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame informed Rich Eisen that he is “not high-stepping yet.” He is, however, making slow progress and has returned to cardio after experiencing dramatic weight changes.

“I’m moving slowly but surely, and I’m moving briskly,” Sanders said. “I am. I’m on my elliptical again because I lost 40 pounds, Rich. When I was in the hospital, I lost 40 pounds. I was eating nothing but apple sauce. I lost 40 pounds, but I gained 50 back. Now I can’t fit my suit, so I’ve gotta cut down.”

Deion Sanders Opens Up About His Health Status

Deion Sanders Opens Up About His Health Status

After undergoing surgery in September, Sanders returned to the sidelines to guide the Tigers to an 11-2 record and the Southwestern Athletic Conference championship. The Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year winner hid his health issues because he didn’t want to “play the plum card, poor little old me.”

“My kids told me it looked like a shark bit me on both sides of my leg. So I don’t think you’ll see me in shorts soon at any time… I promise you, But I’m better. But it was a lot going on last season. But, you know what, that’s the best secret I think we ever kept.”

Sanders chronicled his journey on the “Coach Prime” series SMAC Entertainment and Barstool Sports produced. Despite the difficult obstacles faced, he sounded in good spirits with his sights sets on continuing Jackson State’s ascension into a football powerhouse.

Deion Sanders had two Toes Amputated after a Medical Setback

Deion Sanders had amputated two toes on his left foot due to blood clots stemming from previous surgery. The Jackson State head coach, then NFL Hall of Famer. Revealed the harshness of his foot injury in an episode of his “Coach Prime” documentary series that determination air Tuesday night on Barstool Sports.

Sanders remained hospitalized for around a month in the middle of last season when the Tigers finished 11-2. The 54-year-old Sanders underwent numerous surgeries. He developed a femoral arterial blood clot. He also needed compartment syndrome. Where his leg swelled up, and doctors had to flay open the portion to drain fluid. Nevertheless, Sanders advanced and had his big toe and the second toe amputated.

What happened during Deion’s surgery?

While in the hospital, Sanders developed compartment syndrome, which caused swelling in his leg due to a build-up of fluid. He underwent emergency surgery to drain the fluid and save the portion. Unfortunately, this was the first of several operations. The last of which resulted in the amputation of his big toe and second toe.

The most complex object of it all remained to look unhappy here and understand that and understand that once upon a time; then you were this kind of athlete. And you didn’t even distinguish if you were going to walk since all you felt was pain, and you want to get out of the hospital. You want to get out.” “It’s been a long journey… I am on the road back,” he added. “But I am here, and I am thankful.”

When did Deion Sanders have surgery on his toes?

I got initial surgery during the fall of 2021 and continuously wanted either a wheelchair or a scooter to come during those months. By the end of the entire process, Sanders needed a total of 8 surgeries that ended in the doctors cutting two of his toes.

According to The Related Press. NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders needed two toes on his left-hand foot removed due to blood clots from previous surgery. The Jackson State University head football coach needed surgery last fall to eliminate the toes and wasted three games while hospitalized for 23 days.


According to The Associated Press. Deion Sanders had two toes on his left foot removed due to blood clots during a prior operation. The head football coach at Jackson State University underwent toe removal surgery last autumn and missed three games while recovering in the hospital for 23 days.

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