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How Beauty is Portrayed in the Media, The Impact of Media Depictions of Beauty

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Beauty is Portrayed in the Media – The media is infamous for skewing audiences’ perceptions of attractiveness, especially among young ladies. They are the most susceptible to being influenced by media portrayals of the “ideal” beauty image since they are still trying to figure out who they are. Since their perception of beauty is dependent on the media rather than reality, this finally leads to a cultivation analysis (Lind, 2013).

This impression remains frequently distorted and unrealistic. The Spreading Activation Theory comes into play when these notions pass from one female to another, perverted concepts of beauty flooding the minds of helpless people.

Beauty As Portrayed By Media

Beauty As Portrayed By Media

“Impact Of Beauty Standards Portrayed In Media.”

Beauty is Portrayed in the Media – You must have seen how people remain portrayed in media and how beauty standards remain set for both men and women. We have seen how the people shown in advertisements, films, TV shows, magazines, and even news channels share certain features in common. They have decided that these are the standard features to remain labeled eligible for attention and fame.

Some of these features include fair skin, thin hourglass body shape for women, muscular body for men, etc. The fact that only people with these features remain beautiful and that the rest of them are not eligible to be shown in public remains etched in the minds of the people because of the media.

Who is to Decide the Beauty Standard of Men and Women?

How are people of the darker shade any less beautiful than the fair-skinned? There still are advertisements where a female gets promoted or gets an increase in salary and recognition after she uses a fair product. What message is the media giving to society? Through such portrayals, the media is creating and promoting judgmental people who even have the potential to destroy people’s lives by putting them down mentally.

Introduction: Beauty is Portrayed in the Media

Beauty standards aren’t new; it has been around for tens of thousands of years, dating back to Ancient Greece. However, now more than ever, with the ever-growing media, we continue to see what society perceives as the ideal beauty. As a result, we live up to people’s standards, whether for a job, health reasons, or even that boy we have crushed.

However, with the constant beauty standards shown on television and social media such as Instagram and Facebook. We often find ourselves changing how we look and dress to fit the ideal image of today’s standard of appearance. Most of the time, they remained photoshopped and enhanced photos of models and celebrities. Which can affect our mental health and confidence. Modern media and social media constantly bombard us with images of idealized bodies.

Methodology: How Beauty Standards In The Media Can Affect Society

Beauty is Portrayed in the Media – The researcher’s method of constructing this paper is first to understand beauty. The researcher researched several articles on the internet through different periods to see how beauty standards have evolved—starting with Greek sculptures that showcased the curves of women and strong muscular men. In Ancient China, it remained known that smaller feet remained considered a beauty trait. Leading to women taking extensive measures to fit in small shoes.

In this century, Instagram models are skinny women with flat stomachs, athletes, and actors who get all the women in great physical shape. Furthermore, the researcher analyzed different articles about job opportunities. Wanting to know how big a part physical appearance plays when it comes to things as simple as a job.

After understanding what the media deems as beautiful. The researcher wanted to ensure the survey questions were easy for everybody to understand. The researcher wished for at least 25 people to participate in the experiment.


Media should be aware of how their representation affects the general public’s view and how their uneducat. Aedbsurd standards for beauty hurt people’s mental and physical health. No one can choose which men and women are good and which are evil since they were all beautifully formed. Dear teenagers, never follow what the media depicts as accurate. Your appearance or physique does not define you. You have many more beneficial things in life that you can focus on. Prove your worth through those and break the stereotypes. Be proud of yourself.

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