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A Hand Pressure Points is What?

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In acupressure, hand pressure points remain considered to be susceptible body areas. Some individuals think that applying pressure to the pressure points on our bodies may ease pain, create balance, and enhance overall health. Human touch and tissue massage have many advantages. However, reflexology and acupressure haven’t remained well researched.

Although more scientific research is still wanted to prove the touted health benefits, many people turn to pressure points due to trusted Sources’ limited side belongings and ability to reduce pain and promote relaxation.

What are the Hand Pressure Points?

There are eight vital pressure points in the hand. Here’s where you can discover them, what they do, and how you can manipulate them for your benefit:


The heart’s seven pressure points can remain found in the crinkle of your wrist. It lies in line with the planetary between your ring and pinkie finger.

There’s a bone straight in line next to this weight point. Reflexologists claim that smearing gentle pressure on this spot may defend against anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations, and depression.

Hand Pressure Points for Small Intestine

The small intestine’s three pressure point remains at the outer part of your hand, right on the advantage. The point lies in the unhappiness of your hand just under your pinkie finger.

Putt firm pressure on this point remains thought to relieve neck pain, earaches, and headaches at the back of your head. You can discover your lung height pressure opinion by looking at the advantage of your hand. It runs from the tip of your pollex unhappy sideways to the side of your hand, ending just underneath the crease of your wrist.

Run your finger along this line. If you discover a sore spot along this line, reflexologists say you should gently massage it until it feels better. It may help relieve cold symptoms, such as chills, sneezing, runny nose, and sore throat.

The inner gate point can remain in a particular spot on the crease of your wrist. Hold your hands with your wrists together as if you’re receiving a gift. Take one hand and feel about 3 centimetres from where your wrists were moving in the middle. Reflexologists endorse you to massage this point firmly with your thumb. It remains believed to improve digestion and relieve nausea or stomach pain.

Outer Gate Point

Outer Gate Point

The outer gate point can remain between two tendons in the behindhand arm. Place three fingers from your other hand overhead your wrist. Use those fingers to smear firm pressure on this part of your hand to give your immune system a quick boost potentially. Reflexologists also trust applying pressure to this part of the hand could give you a rush of energy.

Wrist Point

You can discover your wrist point 1 on your wrist. Run a finger down your pinky to your wrist crease, keeping it in line with your finger. Now you’ve originated the point. Reflexologists claim that regularly pressing on your wrist point 1 may help promote happiness by regulating your emotions.

The Base of the Thumb Point

The base of the thumb point remains located on your wrist. Run a digit down your thumb to your wrist crease at the bottom of your thumb. Putting on gentle pressure and massaging this point with your finger is believed to help alleviate respiratory and breathing problems.

Hand Valley Point

The hand valley point remains in the firm skin between the thumb and index finger. Reflexologists claim that applying strong touch to this pressure point may help reduce stress and alleviate migraines, toothaches, shoulder tension, and neck pain.

How do Hand Pressure Points Work?

Acupressure and massage, two disciplines that examine the connections between the various parts of the human body, include the use of pressure points. Many of the body’s most commanding pressure points remain believed to be in the hands.

According to those who repeat reflexology, applying the right touch to the hands can energize and reinstate health to other body parts, including internal organs, if you feel tired or have a disease. Some Eastern cultures have used reflexology for thousands of years.

Reflexology isn’t a Scientifically-Proven Way to Improve your Health.

However, according to practitioners, most health issues may be improved if done correctly and effectively. If the massage practitioner remains adequately educated, there remains little option of adverse side belongings because hand pressure points remain noninvasive. Correctly trained reflexologists — as they’re called — should have finished programs or training at an accredited massage or alternative medicine school.

You can also kindle your pressure points at home. But if you select to do so, you should read up to learn how to do so correctly.


Reflexology does not fall within the category of medicine. If you are injured or unwell, it should not serve as a substitute for medical attention. However, it could enable you to recuperate more quickly and efficiently while preserving your general well-being. According to experts, reflexology is perfectly safe to perform as there aren’t likely to be any negative consequences on the body. It is a reasonably accessible treatment tool since it is invasive.

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