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Healthy Veggie Dip: What is the Healthiest thing to Dip

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The most healthy Veggie dip is prepared in approximately five minutes using Greek or ordinary yoghurt and fresh or dried herbs. Perfect for snacking or serving with fresh veggies on a party tray! This yoghurt-based veggie dip is my go-to if I need to bring a healthy snack to a gathering and don’t have time to create healthy deviled eggs.

I am making it straightforward! I prefer to eat veggies without a dip instead of store-bought ones loaded with preservatives and artificial tastes. This recipe is a thicker, dipping-friendly version of my healthy ranch dressing.

What Types of Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip Healthy?

Whether it’s for a snack, the holidays, or a party, there remain insufficient reasons we love this healthier dip!

Low calorie: Simple ingredients like yoghurt and spices mean that 1/4 cup of this dip has just 30 calories!

Low fat: No cream cheeseflower, sour cream, or mayo remains in this lower-fat dip with only 1g of fat per serving.

High protein: Yogurt is advanced in protein, and this dip contains 5g of protein per serving for a satisfying snack.

No preservatives: No ground dip mix in sight for this healthy, fresh vegetable dip that is naturally gluten-free!

A Healthy Veggie Dip Recipe

This easy vegetable dip comes together in about 10 minutes and uses only natural, simple ingredients. It is full of flavour, and your kids will love dipping all the fresh veggies in this! Plus, a veggie platter with this dip is a perfect appetizer for all of your favourite holidays. Everyone loves munching on something healthy before any large holiday meal!

What You Will Need

mayo – we love this homemade paleo option, but store-bought works too!

Sour cream – feel free to use regular or grab a dairy-free option.

Kosher salt & pepper – a little of each for some added seasoning.

Dijon mustard – this provides a great little dash of flavour.

Smoked garlic powder & smoked onion powder – we love the taste of the smoked versions, but the regular garlic powder and onion powder work fine too.

Red wine vinegar – this brings a very slight tang to the dip.

Lemon juice – a dash of this helps bring out all the great flavour.

Dried dill & dried parsley – some great herbs for the flavour party!

Mined garlic & dried minced onion are all about those classic vegetable dip flavours.

How Long Will this Healthy Veggie dip Stay Fresh?

How Long Will this Healthy Veggie dip Stay Fresh?

Up to 10 days, in an air-tight container in the fridge. Of course, it won’t last that long. If you do happen to store it, like all yoghurt, it will separate just a bit and need a good stir. And it’s true what they say about most’s better than the next day! The flavours have time to meld together.

Looking for the perfect healthy veggie dip for that bag of carrots sticks or cut celery? I’ve got the answer for you with The Best Veggie Dip Ever! It’s perfect for carrots, celery, strips of bell pepper, and even plain potato chips!

The Best Veggie Dip Ever

the perfect dip for that bag of carrot sticks or cut celery? I’ve got the answer for you with The Best Veggie Dip Ever! It’s ideal for carrots, celery, strips of bell pepper, and even plain potato chips! Healthy Veggie Dip – a simple homemade dip made with natural ingredients in under 10 minutes! Perfect for snacking on with all of your favourite veggies for a snack or a healthy holiday appetizer option

Veggie Dip Base:

The improper is half mayo and half sour cream, but you can make it with all sour cream or add up to half plain Greek yoghurt for a lower-fat, higher-protein option. If you choose to do all plain Greek yoghurt, consider using the low-fat or full-fat version. With the fat-free yoghurt, it tastes like something is missing.

How to store veggie dip:

I typically pop it into a Tupperware container for 3-4 days. Any more than that, and I start to get iffy on leftovers.

What is the Healthiest thing to Dip in Vegetables?

  • Guacamole. Avocado—a nutritional badass—is the lynchpin of guacamole.
  • Salsa. Salsa is the lowest-calorie dip that contributes to your daily vegetable servings.
  • Tzatziki. This Greek yoghurt-based dip is low in calories and sodium.
  • Hummus.
  • Spinach/Artichoke


Enjoy your high-protein vegetable dip with some almond or peanut butter. For a healthy serving of protein and fibre, dunk your healthy veggie dip in hummus. The taste of carrots goes nicely with the potassium-rich dip guacamole. Smart. At the snack bar, dipping is perilous. To keep your body from deteriorating, stick to these five healthy foods. Why not serve these dips with chips? Switch to bean-based chips like Beanitos and Beanfields instead of greasy potato chips. Or even better, help them alongside veggies.

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