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Water Foundation Hack is Peculiar, But there may be Some Truth to the Trend.

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Water Foundation Hack – If you frequently use the TikTok beauty section, merely logging on may make you want to purchase. However, despite the constant inflow of beauty trend videos that rule the app and the shock factor that goes along, the water videos’ foundation caught us off guard. The TikTok beauty community is apoplectic at this odd hack, with the hashtag “putting the foundation in water” receiving over 58.9 million views.

Many videotapes pop up on the hashtag, and a twosome of persons remain mentioned as the originator, so it’s challenging to attribute who brought this trend to the platform and made it pop off. Some makeup artists have also demanded to do this specific process for years. The essence of this hack is that your income your foundation, pump a bit into a glass of water, swirl it around and then apply the foundation to your face.

Can you mix Liquid Foundation with Water?

We realize that our body vigorously depends on water for pretty much every capability. So whether we’re hoping to remain hydrated, improve our energy, or improve our general well-being, water is a critical fix.. However, adding water to our makeup routine is a decent idea. Mixing our liquid foundation with water helps the foundation blend effortlessly into the skin while giving the complexion a healthy look. The key is not to mix too much water in the foundation as it might separate.

Why do you Need to add Water to your Foundation?

Why do you Need to add Water to your Foundation?

Mixing your foundation with water has many benefits. Following this simple tip, you don’t have to worry about your makeup looking too matte again.

To Thin out the Foundation

Your favorite expensive or drugstore full-coverage foundation can feel heavy on the skin, and sometimes you don’t want to look like you have a lot of makeup on. Mixing your foundation with water helps make the foundation thinner. This trick prevents your makeup from looking dry. You might even be able to use fewer products this way, which helps you save money on your expensive foundations.

To Make the Foundation Blend Easier

Blending makeup can be a real challenge. For example, the foundation doesn’t always apply evenly and may not look its best even after mixing. Mixing water with your foundation is worth annoying if you want to circumvent a streaky makeup look. Adding aquatic to your foundation is one of the most acceptable ways to achieve an even coverage that looks natural and healthy on the face.

Makeup will apply easily and quickly over large face areas without streaks. You will get a thinner consistency that applies more smoothly onto the face than if you were to use it on its own.

Keep in mind that adding water to your foundation can make it lighter. Avoid mixing it with water if your foundation is more delicate than your skin tone. Using a foundation shade much more lightweight than your skin tone can cause your makeup to look grey and ashy.

Popular Foundation Water Hack — But Is It Worth The Hype?

In recent months, the TikTok platform has seen a lot of activity related to the water in foundation hack. Over 21.2 million people have seen the trend, which features TikTokers putting a few drops of foundation into glasses of water before applying it to their skin. However, what distinguishes it from putting foundation on your skin?

According to online beauty enthusiasts, mixing water into your foundation gives you a flawless base that looks glowy and is transfer-proof. However, it does appear that a few pumps of the foundation are required to achieve the desired effect, which may come across as a little more wasteful.

Some other things to note before trying this is that the foundation should also be water-based since silicone or oil-based formulas won’t mix with water, and it can make wear worse. On top of that, we caution against trying this if your foundation is slightly lighter than your skin tone. The reason is: adding water to your foundation can inadvertently make it softer, which could cause your foundation to leave an ashy cast.


In a sea of hydrating skin tints and foundation-moisturizer blends, TikTokers attempt to make their everyday makeup more moisturized by adding water. Weird skin. You purportedly apply your foundation to your face after letting a few drops of it “marinate” in a glass of water for a few minutes to give you a dewy appearance. But cosmetic chemist Javon Ford claims that the water foundation trick isn’t that useful.

Since you’re combining it with water, it does become more moisturizing, but splashing water on your face would also accomplish the same, according to Ford. “That’s a little cleaner than combining water and foundation,” I said.

The consequence isn’t much different because you can’t mix foundation with water. “Most of the foundations now are silicone-based. They don’t mix with water naturally. You can express in the videos they have to power it because the foundation is directly floating to the top.”

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