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Sascha Fitness, the First Venezuelan Fitness Influencer

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Sascha Fitness – When she started utilizing the Internet as a platform to promote her expertise in nutrition and health, her adventure began in 2010.

She began by tweeting health advice but remained met with opposition and skepticism. Not only was social media not THE THING yet, but the fitness industry remained heavily skewed toward men. However, she consistently believed in the potential of internet platforms and continued to use them, which eventually led to her success. She also gained the respect of other fitness influencers and her follower’s thanks to her scientific language or the research she references when offering health advice.

About Sascha Fitness:

Her first significant achievement was in 2013 after freeing her book called “Sascha Fitness’ Recipe,” which developed as a most OK seller in Venezuela and other countries in South America. This achievement was due to the intelligent decision to make her follower’s texture part of the creation process by sharing movies of the recipes or recording how she was dealing with the writing process.

After realizing her massive influence on social media, in 2016, she created her brand of supplements called Sascha Fitness. As always, she wagered on an online platform and used E-commerce in its place of having a physical shop. This Internet-based activity was a clever decision that facilitated selling and marketing counting. She was in Venezuela, and her enterprise remained based in Miami.

Sascha adapts fast and professionally to the constant changes in the social media world. She is present on online blogs, Instagram, and YouTube. Her last novelty is using the Reels option on Instagram to share short videos about recipes or workouts because that is the preferred format after the massive rise of TikTok. This high adaptability helps her reach more and more people every day, making her have 4M followers on Instagram and 1.77M subscribers on YouTube.

She could also do sponsored collaborations to gain more money and visibility. Still, she has explained that anything carrying her name should be of the best quality. She cannot ensure this type of collaboration. However, this decision increases her followers’ respect for her and keeps her image of a trustworthy person who is situated purely driven by money.

Her Page Stands out Because apart from Health Tips,

Her Page Stands out Because apart from Health Tips,

She also shares her daily life, how she’s feeling, or some problems she faces. It helps build rapport with her fans and makes her a close and relatable person instead of an inaccessible public figure. Her online growth started when she decided to document her weight loss journey after her first pregnancy. The idea of a fitness influencer showing cheat meals. Imperfections, and flaws was very innovative at the time and made her have a special relationship with her followers. Sascha’s s goal has always been to “humanize fitness and make it available to everyone,” not selling an unachievable “perfect” image.


Sascha Fitness Fit 9 is a weight-loss addition containing nine power-packed ingredients that focus on increasing metabolism, reducing, acting as stimulants, and even synthesizing collagen tissues.

Predominated by usual ingredients, the Sascha Fitness Fit 9 remains meant to complement your workout and diet regime. Sascha Fitness Restore is another general creation by the same brand. It primarily aids in indorsing healthier adrenal gland health and promotes boosting metabolism, inspiring the disposition, etc. Finally, fitness Fit 9 is more nutritious than Fitness Reinstate, as it offers better metabolic and cognitive assistance.

Sascha Fitness is a well-known object in fitness supplement manufacturing today. The company consumes its skull office in Hialeah, Florida, United States of America.

It remains projected that Sascha Fitness makes net sales of around $1-5 Million yearly. In addition, they propose protein powders, adrenal health additions, etc., alongside the Fitness Fit 9. The creator, Sascha Barboza, is a fitness trainer herself.

Benefits of Sascha Fitness Fit 9

Besides belly fat, cellulite is also a significant cause of concern for many persons as it is associated with nervousness and suffering about one’s arrival because of the abnormal bumpy appearance it gives to the skin.

A supplement that boosts the mixture of collagen in the body is a countless way to reduce cellulite. Furthermore, by refining blood flow to the muscles and additional body parts. Sascha Fitness Fit 9 can reduce cellulite from the body very effectively.


Sascha learned how to develop and commercialize a business from his first media success. Starting with a blog, followed by his books and speeches. With this, she laid the groundwork for her e-commerce. Which came because it was her passion and what she enjoyed the most. According to Sascha, having a love for what you do is one of the significant factors in company success.

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