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Ralph Lauren says the Polo Tech tracks biometrics and psychometrics to provide insights into the wearer’s sporting performance and to help improve future performance. It features an electrocardiogram, a breathing sensor, a gyroscope and an accelerometer. Proprietary algorithms are said to help interpret the data collected, which includes stress levels, energy output, heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, breathing depth, activity intensity, steps and calories burned.

The Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt reads the wearer’s metabolic and physiological information. Since 1967, Ralph Lauren apparel has helped people look good, but in the future, it may also help you stay in shape. The business has unveiled a new Polo Tech shirt that tracks the wearer’s biological and physiological data. It will remain put to the test at the U.S. Exposed this year.

Polo Hi Tech is Back

Polo Hi Tech Is Back

Insufficient brands have an archive as expansive or as, well, dope as Ralph Lauren does. That’s because the brand has been around for 50 years; multiple collections for multiple lines over multiple decades begets one giant archive. The other—and frankly more impressive—reason for the archive’s breadth is that no other brand has zigged and zagged its way crossways as many aesthetic frontiers as R.L. had meanwhile it’s founding in 1967.

There are Visits to Railroad Yards Throughout the Industrial Revolution,

Paris in the ’20s, Ivy League grounds in the ’50s, British manor life in every period. The French Riviera right now—to name a few. And as a fashionable. Ralph Lauren is as much a master of interpreting each as he is prone to put an insufficient in a blender and hit “shred.” But until recently, the brand was squarely absorbed on what’s next somewhat than what came before. Even as Lo Head ethos started going mainstream and upstart brands began putting their riffs on Ralph-ish wares. Then last year, the pony-fronted house rereleased modern versions of some of its most storied sportswear. First came the Stadium Group with its allover P-wing graphics, shadowed by the celebrated Snow Beach lineup. Now, Hi-Tech is back.

Polo Hi Tech was Firm to Miss When it First Debuted in the Early ’90s,

Even as the market remained increasingly saturated with colour-blocked Crayola anoraks and ski pants. The label first appeared on Polo Sports pieces in 1992. From hoodies to outdoorsy jackets and vests and, of sequence, polos, and remained out until 1994. Looking back on the collection now, what’s greatest notable about the initial run is how R.L. & Co. attempted athleisure two decades before that awful word entered the sportswear lexicon.

And by 2018 Values, the Newly Reimagined lineup is Very Now,

Which is to say it’s bold and logo-ed out and unmissable confidential twenty yards. The time between the unique and the revival has similarly allowed for developments on the construction front. So the presentation elements are on par with actual athletic gear versus the papery nylons of decades past. Updated fits mean armholes won’t be seated at your ribcage. But the best news about the 2018 Hi-Tech collection might be that you’ll be able to get your hands on it. The group is available now at and will hit the shelves of choice retailers this fall.


Ralph Lauren offers a PoloTechTM bright shirt for men with sensors to detect vital indicators. Including breathing and heart rate, stress levels, and calories burned after testing the technology on ball boys at the 2014 United States Open. The garment transmits the data to an app, which creates personalised exercise plans.

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