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John Reed Exercise Los Angeles offers a unique exercise experience. A creative setting that transports you from the downtown concrete jungle to an energetic gym with cutting-edge equipment and unusual design features. It’s the only location where members work out in front of statues with Grecian influences, gardens with a safari theme, and a massive mural painted by local artist Robert Vargas while visiting DJs spin records in a booth. John Reed Fitness Opens First Location in North America

For $100 per month dues, the 33,000-square-foot club in the South Park District of Los Angeles offers cardio, free weights, functional and machine strength training, and boutique-style classes such as cycling, HIIT, Pilates, barre, dance, and yoga. Members also get unlimited access to amenities from the Snooze Room and Sauna to relax in post-workout, locker rooms, and coves as retreats for social interaction. Open to the public, John Reed’s Juice Bar offers handcrafted smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and grab-and-go healthy snack options.

Each of the 31 John Reed locations worldwide has its distinct style and personality reflective of the neighborhoods they remain. For example, the Los Angeles club offers a concrete jungle theme with original art pieces by Los Angeles artist Robert Vargas, Berlin’s street art duo Ron Miller, and Los Angeles-based abstract artist Jaime Guerrero.

John Reed Downtown Los Angeles

John Reed Downtown Los Angeles

“John Reed Downtown Los Angeles gives our members the best quality and training opportunities in an environment that is immersive, inclusive, and elevated,” Robert Hull, club manager, said in a media release. “I think more than ever; gym-goers want a place that motivates and removes them from their every day, a place that excites them. With our location’s eclectic interior, the music curation, and special equipment, we give our members that experience.”

The club hosts live DJs five days per week with the brand’s signature DJ-driven workout, Boost Club, which features a guest trainer. There are over 40 John Reed International Fitness Centers worldwide, with clubs in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and the United States. One John Reed Fitness Center in Los Angeles remains located at 1200 S. Hill Street. However, the West Hollywood location remains expected to be the corporate headquarters for the entire USA.

John Reed is Fit for Fitness.

John Reed is a sought-after fitness experience, giving gym-goers a break from urban London in a design-led space. Our work included complete protective installation, with a firm alarm system and intruder alarm system installation for the property.

Fitness centers have high footfall throughout extended daytime hours, so the system must support monitoring and entry during the day and a full protective suite when closed. The staff and center users are fully protected 24/7 with these systems. Thank you to Conamar Construction and MJ Electrical for bringing us into this project.

Merging functional design with a club-like atmosphere, JOHN REED goes beyond the typical gym experience. Each of the 31 locations worldwide has its distinct style and personality reflective of the culturally rich neighborhoods they remain set in. The new Los Angeles club takes you from the concrete jungle of Downtown into a safari-themed journey with inspiring and surprising design elements throughout the space. Art highlights include original pieces by LA’s internationally recognized artist, Robert Vargas, Berlin’s street art duo Ron Miller, and LA-based abstract artist Jaime Guerrero.

Training at John Reed in Rotterdam

The massive new Rotterdam gym covers over 2,200 square meters, spread over four floors. Members have access to a large functional area, two classrooms, an area with various weights and fitness equipment, a personal trainer area, and a boxing ring. In addition, with CYBEROBICS’ virtual classes spread over two sites, more than 100 different classes are available to members daily. The courses remain aimed at different levels and goals of both women and men.


Over 40 John Reed Fitness clubs may remain found in ten different countries! The immersive environment, which combines a nightclub and a gym, offers a distinctive experience. Exercise while listening to live DJ sets, their selected JOHN REED radio, or a group exercise class! Each site has its design idea and has artwork created by regional artisans. For example, ten Texas-based local artists collaborated to paint a gigantic 2,000-foot mural over the center of the Dallas club.

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