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The Top DJI Mini 2 Accessories – 2023

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It’s time to advance your drone footage now that you have your brand-new DJI Mini 2 drone! Purchasing the finest DJI Mini 2 accessories is one of the simplest ways to enhance your drone footage and images. We have been using different DJI drones to explore the world for more than five years, so we have first-hand knowledge of the equipment needed to get the most excellent drone video.

Based on our knowledge, we’ve put together this list of the best DJI Mini 2 accessories that every drone owner must consider adding to their camera basket. The drone fittings in this list will help you fly safer, longer, and, most importantly, capture the best footage possible with your DJI Mini 2 drone.

Extra Batteries

Like all DJI drones, the DJI Mini 2 has a good battery life of around 30 minutes. In real-world conditions (i.e. allowing for wind, take-off and landing times, and ambient temperatures), you will get less time than this for accurate shooting.

In realism, the flight time is around 20-25 minutes, and, based on this, you’ll find likely essential extra batteries for your Mini 2 to let spare flying time. You last want to miss a shot due to low battery. We endorse purchasing 3 to 4 of the authorized DJI Mini 2 batteries, depending on how long you want to fly.

Charging Hub

Charging Hub

And also, one of the trickiest belongings about drone flying is ensuring all your batteries stay charged. DJI offers a friendly, solid charging hub for the Mini 2. Though it is good, the batteries only charge in sequence, so it takes a long time to charge numerous batteries

This charger is a perfect option for a charging hub as it charges up to 4 batteries in parallel. It will change everything in under 90 minutes faster than the DJI charger.

Car Charger

One of the main challenges with drone flying is keeping your batteries charged while on the go. Even with three batteries, you remain limited to 80-90 mins of flight. If you stay on a road trip, this strength is insufficient for daily time. Luckily there are several choices for charging Mini 2 batteries on the go. We highly recommend procuring an inverter charger for your car. It will let you use your current Mini 2 chargers on the road. We’ve rummage-sale inverters for years on the road, which are an absolute must-have for a drone owner.

Spare Propellers

Accidents happen, and this is true with drones, with ours! The first fatality in a drone crash is usually the propellers. We’ve broken and injured the propellors many times on our DJI drones, thankfully without harm to the drone, so it’s always worth carrying spares. A slight glance against a surface is enough to crack or injure a propeller. So grab at least four extras and throw them in your bag.

Spare Remote Sticks

The changeable control sticks on the Mini 2 are fantastic, but now that they detach, it’s much easier to lose them. It’s worth picking up a replacement set and throwing them in your bag just in case you need them. You might even favour this set as they’re harder to lose and look great.

Propeller Guards

Due to its compact size, you may fly the drone in confined spaces. It is where the propeller guards come in – they protect against minor bumps or brushes against surfaces. The guards click onto the Mini 2, giving added protection to the drone and anything it might bump into during flight. Please fly the drone indoors or close to objects.

SD Cards and Hard Drives

The DJI Mini 2 taxes micro-SD postcards to typical videos and photographs. We discovered these Sandisk 32GB micro SD cards work best. We use the 32GB models as it militaries you to back up your footage regularly, and you can carry numerous in your pocket. Kind sure to throw some spare micro SD connectors in your bag too.

We customize the rule of three – three copies of your files in three locations to support footage. We carry each movement in other bags, so the chances of losing all three copies are reduced. You cannot be too ready for a data loss. Afterwards, you’ll likely only be in a site once with your drone, so you don’t want poverty to lose the footage!

Our personal choice for supporting our footage is these Sandisk Extreme External SSD drives. They’re small, extremely fast and rugged – trust me, I’ve been hard on ours, and they still work great. We have used them on the road for the past two years and love them.

DJI Mini 2 Case

If you don’t get the Fly More package with your DJI Mini 2, you won’t have a circumstance for your novel drone. The Mini 2 remains a super-compact drone that you quickly pop into any bag. However, we recommend having it in a defensive case. There are several options for a subject for your DJI Mini 2 drone – remember, you need to protect the drone and its accessories, such as the batteries and controller too! Each option has its merits, so it’s up to you to decide which works best for you!


A small DJI drone is the ideal travel companion for all your excursions. Now you can enhance your experience by pairing it with fantastic accessories. See our selection of the best 10 Mavic Mini and DJI Mini 2 accessories created to maximize enjoyment and push the boundaries of your creativity. Most of them are compatible with the Mavic Mini and DJI Mini 2. Everything you need, from the sophisticated charging base to DIY creative kits, is right here!

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